Jan. 22nd, 2011

I just woke up from a nightmare, and there is no way I am getting back to sleep. What do teachers dream about? School, of course!

Disclaimer: This is a dream. This is only a dream. If any of these events happen in reality, I -will- curl up in a ball and cry for hours on end and hide under my blanket. Thank you.

In my classroom with 2nd grade, having instrument centers. Loud, but highly organized. Going very well, all kids working nicely. Two girls come in from other class, are trying to tell me about a child in my class. I can’t hear them well, and surely they aren’t saying what I think they’re saying. Take the girls in the hall, and yes, they are saying. It takes a lot of hemming and hawing, but they’re accusing one of the boys in my classroom of having a gun at school. I ask if they’ve seen it, just to clarify. More hemming and hawing. The answer turns out to be ‘no’, and the girls have made up the story. They got the idea from the shirt one of the girls was wearing, which I can still see clearly. It was an oversized white polo, and the front was in four sections. In each of the sections was a black, sketch-like picture of one of the Winnie-the-Pooh characters contemplating suicide in some manner or another. I only clearly remember one panel, in which Christopher Robin is sitting on the edge of a bed holding a gun and looking down at it thoughtfully. This is from where the girls had gotten the idea, and they had been lying about the boy. While I’m finding this out, my administration is staring down at me disapprovingly, and then leaves me multiple large chart tablets filled with criticism and ‘ways to improve’ before they stalk off, shaking their heads in disappointment. Next, I go back into my classroom…what had been order is now chaos. My class has gotten into my games, and now every inch of my floor is covered in mismatched puzzle pieces, including behind my desk and risers. All of my children are making as much noise as humanly possible, and several are screaming at the top of their lungs, sounds worthy of a horror film. I manage to get several of them to start cleaning up puzzle pieces, then notice in the corner of my room is a small animal cage. In the cage, what looks like a purple ferret with a green mohawk is running in a hamster wheel. The cage door is open, and two small frogs are hopping about just outside of it. I have no idea why there are animals in my room…I don’t have any classroom pets in reality, nor did I in my dream. The kids get most of the puzzle pieces picked up and distributed into the right bags (I actually label the back of puzzle pieces with a symbol to know what piece goes to what puzzle). Still, I’ve got two or three kids who will not stop screaming! This is when I woke up. I am still shaking.



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