Okay, so I'm a lemming. I have eggies!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!
Dean and I are having an argument. He says that Cheney has been abducted by aliens, and is now part alien. Proof? All the heart problems keep mysteriously getting repaired.

My theory (created with [livejournal.com profile] tajnyj) is that Donald Rumsfeld is a time traveler, and has been through so many times that his brain is now fried. Proof? So many of his quotes, while useless political rhetoric, can be repunctuated into absolutely stunning poetry. Really. It's like e.e. cummings with more capital letters.

I say Dean's being ridiculous. He says I'm being silly. Clearly one of us is right.
breoaigit: (and I feel fine)
Many know I am cursed with the semi-constant sinus infection. I'd say it's a pain in the ass, but it's more a pain in the head, to be honest, not to mention it makes me lose my voice semi-regularly. The doctor counsels, "Make sure you don't talk for a few days." I stare at the doctor in amusement, and inform him I am a music teacher. Let's try another angle, shall we? ;) Anyhow, I'm tired of said sinus infections, plus allergies, plus just having a generally crappy upper respiratory system.

In which I learn to use a nasal irrigator. Clipped for ew-yuck factor. )

And so let us hope that the Great Syringe of Nasal Water Torture continues to be a success. Happy Tuesday!

PBS Poll

Sep. 23rd, 2008 05:56 pm
Dear Friends,

PBS is doing a poll which asks if Palin is qualified to be VP.

The right wing has organized a yes campaign--and the 'yes' is at the moment winning. Take literally 1 minutes or less, go to:

http://www.pbs.org/now/polls/poll-435.html and vote!

Please send this on.
"Not only does the English Language borrow words from other languages, it sometimes chases them down dark alleys, hits them over the head, and goes through their pockets." - Eddy Peters
Because the world needs a bit more Neil Patrick Harris, right? Right.

NPH on Sesame Street. Yes. Sesame Street. As the Shoe Fairy. Just go watch. :)


Jul. 19th, 2008 12:05 pm
I had forgotten, honestly, Joss Whedon's ability to make me forget to breathe.



Ahem. Just go watch this. Seriously.
Modern dance is bananas. (Context at time: both are fine things, but I like neither.)

Mercedes Lacky is organic cotton balls. (Context at the time: Her writing fluff, but quality fluff.)

And to give this post meaning...here's critter pictures from the zoo trip [livejournal.com profile] tajnyj and I made last week. I want a kangaroo.
Because [livejournal.com profile] da_zhuang is the awesome and clued me in on this!

I can't decide if I'm disappointment or pleased by this score. Ironically, I feel like I should know more. Or I'm just still addicted to getting higher than a 90% on everything. ;)

(Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] chamois_shimi!)
You know the Bible 88%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
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Jun. 27th, 2008 12:50 am
So school is out, and life has been steady and quiet, thankfully. Dean took a week off, and the only place we went was a cabin in Fredericksberg for two days. I wish I'd gotten pics, as there was a herd of sheep that lived on the property. Sheep? Pushy critters, not too bright, love tortilla chips, but the lambs are adorable.

Hmm. Oh, Dean applied for a passport, and it took exactly one week to get here. We did not expedite it. I am baffled, but pleased. I could not apply at the same time, as it turned out the birth certificate I had was not properly certified, and if I'd read the seal closely, I'd have figured it out myself. Doh. Anyhow, I had to send off to California for it, and then I can get mine. No, no out of country planned just now, but we'd rather have them for when we do want to travel.

Sunday I went to a tai chi workshop. Holy. Moly. Ever seen the Road Runner cartoon where he eats the earthquake pellets? That's what my quads looked like during an exercise called 'snakes'. Oof. I spent Monday-Wednesday hobbling around like an old woman. In the second half of the workshop on Sunday, we started learning some Lok Hup, which is like taichiquan to the 10th degree. It seems deceptively simple. It's not. Our instructor said 'what tai chi takes months to do, Lok Hup will do instantly.' We learned 4 moves of 66. She was not kidding. The first move involves only waving the arms around, not moving from the hips down at all. It felt like doing a couple dozen situps. It was cool! I can't wait to learn more!

Okay, since life has been quiet, and I have been long since posting last, I offer critter pictures in atonement!

Many pictures of critters under here! )
So I went back to school today. Everyone was incredibly sweet, and no one was miffy at all that we had to cancel concerts. Most of all, the kids were utterly understanding. They all just wanted to know if I was still contagious, and could they hug me? That was more important than when we'd reschedule the concerts, in their opinion. Then...end of the day, one of the grandmothers of three siblings that I just adore showed up with her friend for a concert. Uh-oh. Turns out the youngest of her grandkiddos assured her the concert was today instead! Oh, dear. I explained the situation, that no, it wasn't, but I would be sending home notes soon, and how sorry I was that she'd come down to be disappointed. I offered to let them come into the room and play games with us, if they wanted at all, and she just laughed and said it was all good, and then very earnestly wanted to know how I was, and did I feel any better, and that she'd been worried. I was blown away. No irritation at all that she had to come to school just to find out for no reason. Nope. Just kindness and honest concern. People are just full of awesome. :)
I know, I'm a late in life geek, but hey, hit points! With the funny for the win! Seriously, After two days of antibiotics, I feel about 50% better. Most of the time the pain ranged from mild annoyance to distinctly annoying, but I no longer wish to claw my own throat out. The pain meds were a godsend, but the antibiotics are clearly working very well. Strep is such an intriguing illness, yes indeedy do! My throat -itches- now. I won't go into details, but wow, it's somewhat unpleasant. Compared to yesterday morning though? Pfft. This is a walk in the park. I still can't really eat, since then it does hurt and quite a lot at that. I can manage instant grits with splenda and cinnamon really well, though. Ice cream can be done in small doses if I pour milk in the bowl in sort of a reverse milkshake. Cheese? Nope. No way. Ain't happening. I tried.

And hey! I've lost like 7 pounds so far! Woot! ;) I mean, I'm glad to lose weight, always, but this isn't my preferred method, donchaknow.

Dean saw the doc today and was also diagnosed with strep, although he's not nearly as decrepit as I am. Still, he's quarantined for 2 days as well, poor man. He's being such a sweetheart, but don't tell anyone I said that. He'll deny it utterly.

One thing that got me though, was I let a friend down through this, and I feel like a heel. I told one of my friends she could observe me teaching, and since I was doing concerts and having lots of parental contact, today would be -perfect-! She called me this morning about...um, I'm not sure what time. I wasn't coherent really, poor lady. I just cannot believe I dropped the ball on her like that. I'll have to do something nice for her. Gah. I do not like to let people down, but most especially people I admire. *sigh*

Randomly, I have learned to crochet a basketweave pattern. It's pretty...hmm. Might make a nifty gift. I found a lovely yarn store not to far away run by vastly nice people. I'm tired of being a grump at people, I've decided. I need to be as kind as so many that I know.

Okay, it's late, and I'm done rambling. Warm fuzzies to everyone. :)
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Years ago, I was told that one cannot come down with strep if one does not have tonsils. I had my tonsils removed at the age of four, and lo, I have never had strep.

Guess what I have? I can has strep! The doc gave me antibiotics, which already seem to be helping a tiny bit. Dean's picking up the pain meds from the pharmacy on his way home, as those weren't ready when I was there. There is happiness in sight!

Please to avoid me, as I am typhoid Lisa. Happy Monday!
Well, I've discovered a new diet! It's called 'throat feels like someone is sticking daggers in it, and I can barely drink water let alone eat." If I were more awake, I'd find a way to smoosh that into something comically bad Latin. Infer the comedy on your own, please. ;) Seriously, does anyone have even a temporary remedy for intensely sore throats? I cannot swallow without pain. I cannot -move- without pain. It hurts down to my collar bones and up to my ears, although I suspect that's just radiating from the throat. The worst area is where my tonsils would be, if I had them. Chloraseptic does nothing. Benzocaine cough drops do nothing. Hall's cough drops help a little, if only to prevent dry mouth. Small sips of ice water help for a few seconds.

Dean's got the same ickiness, poor love, but thankfully he can still eat. Anyhoo, I'm about to go try gargling with warm salt water. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm all ears. :)

ETA: Looking over the last few entries, I realize it looks like I've been sick a lot this winter. Nope. I've been sick non-stop since January. Why? Dunno. Annoyed? Yes. I'm going to the doctor yet again tomorrow, though.

So today, I share daisies with all of you rather than germs! I hope you are all well, happy, and healthy. *hugs*
Pneumonia. I has it still.


I work, I sleep. I sleep more. I sleep yet more. I work. Wash, rinse, repeat. Add a bit of coughing for spice.

On the otter hand, I made some iced tea with a tin of tea from Herrod's that [livejournal.com profile] quizcustodet brought me from England ages ago. Sadly, it got buried in the pantry stuff when we moved, but I have found it and -joy-. This is happy, bright tea. It's a great blend of Ceylon, Kenyan, and Darjeeling, and it brews up good and strong but not too tannic. Lovely stuff. :)

School story! One of our art teachers is from Brazil, and a very lovely lady indeed with olive complexion and dark bobbed hair. One of the kindergarteners asked her if she spoke Chinese. Er, no, says she. Korean, asks the kid? Japanese? The teacher is perplexed, then realized the kid thinks she's Asian. No, no, she says, I'm from Brazil, you know...Portuguese. Child replies: "You don't speak poor Chinese!"

I love my kids. :) (Some of whom are helping me learn Korean, ironically. Seriously nifty language!)


Feb. 3rd, 2008 07:55 pm
Heya folks. Nothing much new in the way of events here abouts. Unfortunately, I'm pretty well down and out sick. About three weeks ago I came down with the flu. Nope, not the flu that the flu shot covers, but some other strain. Whee. So I spent most of a week at home with that, using up the remaining time off I had. I started to feel a little better, but never really got well. This week, it rebounded with a vengance, and now according to the nice doctor man, I now have pneumonia. He gave me killer antibiotics, an inhaler, and prednisone, and said to call Monday morning if I didn't get better. Guess who I get to call tomorrow morning? I couldn't even hold a conversation with my mother this afternoon, since just talking wipes me out and makes me cough. Anyhoo, I'm pretty out of commission. I'm still working because I have to, but I'm keeping my distance from everyone as much as humanly possible. Anyhoo, I'm done whining, I promise! The puppy is precious, and I promise I -will= post pics at some point. :)
Maybe not universally, but in my little corner? Thank all that's holy and little green apples, yes. The last three days have been spent in non-stop manual labor...moving Grandma into her apartment and getting it all set up. We filled two dumpsters by the end of it, took 40 boxes out of storage, put half of those back -into- storage, and finally finished about 6pm last night. After, Dean and I went to dinner then drove about looking at lights, then came home and crashed. Today, we slept late. I then discovered the milk had gone off, and decided to go to Walgreens to get more, as I thought that's all that would be open. We hadn't had time to shop for Christmas dinner food, so I was at a loss for cooking. Turns out...lo! The grocery store was open! And lo, did Lisa venture forth to get the stuff for chili, sausage balls, steak for tomorrow night, and a coconut cream pie. Lo, was also the Starbucks in the store open, and did we obtain a peppermint mocha for me and vanilla bean frappucino for unto the man. I'm home now, taking a break before I get into cleaning -my- house finally. The house in which I live with just me, the husband, three cats, and two dogs. Nobody else. Just us. *happy sigh*

Merry Christmas, folks. May you find peace even in the smallest of things. :)
Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] ebiannah, who is teh wonderful. :)

50 Odd Things About Me )
I just read an article on the Austin news website about how teachers often spend $200 to $800 a year on average on school supplies for their classroom. Well, yeah, I knew that. The article included information about how our tax break (a whopping $250) that we used to get for supplies on yearly taxes has expired. Earlier today I was buying supplies at Sam's, and the cashier was startled to learn that teachers buy their own supplies. "The school doesn't buy you paper?" Me: "Nope, afraid not. Nor pencils/stapler/calendar/decent clock...." The list goes on, and I work in an affluent school. What that means is the PTA can afford to give me money for major supplies, like instruments and musicals, and even then, I have to budget carefully. I get no money from my principal at all for the most part, although I'm not criticizing this. I'm well aware of what the budgets look like and entail...and if I really needed something, all I'd have to do is ask (and be prepared to negotiate).

I feel in a huge way for teachers that do not have a strong PTA backing or the personal funds to upkeep their classroom. I just wish more parents would realize that when we ask for Kleenex or wipes or pencils...we're not being grasping. I feel I'm relatively comfortably paid for a teacher. That means with a master's degree, I make about half as much as many similarly educated professionals, but I'm about twice as happy. It all balances out. And I'm really glad I can buy supplies in bulk.

Okay, I'm not really whining, but rather rambling my thoughts. I'm lucky. I hope more people can support their teachers/PTAs. We do what we do because kids deserve it.

Oh, and allergies suck. A lot. ;)



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