I just read an article on the Austin news website about how teachers often spend $200 to $800 a year on average on school supplies for their classroom. Well, yeah, I knew that. The article included information about how our tax break (a whopping $250) that we used to get for supplies on yearly taxes has expired. Earlier today I was buying supplies at Sam's, and the cashier was startled to learn that teachers buy their own supplies. "The school doesn't buy you paper?" Me: "Nope, afraid not. Nor pencils/stapler/calendar/decent clock...." The list goes on, and I work in an affluent school. What that means is the PTA can afford to give me money for major supplies, like instruments and musicals, and even then, I have to budget carefully. I get no money from my principal at all for the most part, although I'm not criticizing this. I'm well aware of what the budgets look like and entail...and if I really needed something, all I'd have to do is ask (and be prepared to negotiate).

I feel in a huge way for teachers that do not have a strong PTA backing or the personal funds to upkeep their classroom. I just wish more parents would realize that when we ask for Kleenex or wipes or pencils...we're not being grasping. I feel I'm relatively comfortably paid for a teacher. That means with a master's degree, I make about half as much as many similarly educated professionals, but I'm about twice as happy. It all balances out. And I'm really glad I can buy supplies in bulk.

Okay, I'm not really whining, but rather rambling my thoughts. I'm lucky. I hope more people can support their teachers/PTAs. We do what we do because kids deserve it.

Oh, and allergies suck. A lot. ;)



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