Jun. 27th, 2008 12:50 am
So school is out, and life has been steady and quiet, thankfully. Dean took a week off, and the only place we went was a cabin in Fredericksberg for two days. I wish I'd gotten pics, as there was a herd of sheep that lived on the property. Sheep? Pushy critters, not too bright, love tortilla chips, but the lambs are adorable.

Hmm. Oh, Dean applied for a passport, and it took exactly one week to get here. We did not expedite it. I am baffled, but pleased. I could not apply at the same time, as it turned out the birth certificate I had was not properly certified, and if I'd read the seal closely, I'd have figured it out myself. Doh. Anyhow, I had to send off to California for it, and then I can get mine. No, no out of country planned just now, but we'd rather have them for when we do want to travel.

Sunday I went to a tai chi workshop. Holy. Moly. Ever seen the Road Runner cartoon where he eats the earthquake pellets? That's what my quads looked like during an exercise called 'snakes'. Oof. I spent Monday-Wednesday hobbling around like an old woman. In the second half of the workshop on Sunday, we started learning some Lok Hup, which is like taichiquan to the 10th degree. It seems deceptively simple. It's not. Our instructor said 'what tai chi takes months to do, Lok Hup will do instantly.' We learned 4 moves of 66. She was not kidding. The first move involves only waving the arms around, not moving from the hips down at all. It felt like doing a couple dozen situps. It was cool! I can't wait to learn more!

Okay, since life has been quiet, and I have been long since posting last, I offer critter pictures in atonement!

Many pictures of critters under here! )



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