Pneumonia. I has it still.


I work, I sleep. I sleep more. I sleep yet more. I work. Wash, rinse, repeat. Add a bit of coughing for spice.

On the otter hand, I made some iced tea with a tin of tea from Herrod's that [ profile] quizcustodet brought me from England ages ago. Sadly, it got buried in the pantry stuff when we moved, but I have found it and -joy-. This is happy, bright tea. It's a great blend of Ceylon, Kenyan, and Darjeeling, and it brews up good and strong but not too tannic. Lovely stuff. :)

School story! One of our art teachers is from Brazil, and a very lovely lady indeed with olive complexion and dark bobbed hair. One of the kindergarteners asked her if she spoke Chinese. Er, no, says she. Korean, asks the kid? Japanese? The teacher is perplexed, then realized the kid thinks she's Asian. No, no, she says, I'm from Brazil, you know...Portuguese. Child replies: "You don't speak poor Chinese!"

I love my kids. :) (Some of whom are helping me learn Korean, ironically. Seriously nifty language!)
I just read an article on the Austin news website about how teachers often spend $200 to $800 a year on average on school supplies for their classroom. Well, yeah, I knew that. The article included information about how our tax break (a whopping $250) that we used to get for supplies on yearly taxes has expired. Earlier today I was buying supplies at Sam's, and the cashier was startled to learn that teachers buy their own supplies. "The school doesn't buy you paper?" Me: "Nope, afraid not. Nor pencils/stapler/calendar/decent clock...." The list goes on, and I work in an affluent school. What that means is the PTA can afford to give me money for major supplies, like instruments and musicals, and even then, I have to budget carefully. I get no money from my principal at all for the most part, although I'm not criticizing this. I'm well aware of what the budgets look like and entail...and if I really needed something, all I'd have to do is ask (and be prepared to negotiate).

I feel in a huge way for teachers that do not have a strong PTA backing or the personal funds to upkeep their classroom. I just wish more parents would realize that when we ask for Kleenex or wipes or pencils...we're not being grasping. I feel I'm relatively comfortably paid for a teacher. That means with a master's degree, I make about half as much as many similarly educated professionals, but I'm about twice as happy. It all balances out. And I'm really glad I can buy supplies in bulk.

Okay, I'm not really whining, but rather rambling my thoughts. I'm lucky. I hope more people can support their teachers/PTAs. We do what we do because kids deserve it.

Oh, and allergies suck. A lot. ;)
I'm fairly certain the last month has happened in both slow motion and on high speed dubbing all at once. Don't ask me how. It just did. Grandma did indeed move in, and we've gotten most everything settled/unpacked/put in storage, depending on what needed to be done. She's letting me use this lovely huge shelving unit in my classroom...yay! On her health front, that's a mixed bag. The PET scan showed -no- tumors in her stomach/liver/pancreas. Yay! There is a large-ish one in her groin area, but it's essentially dormant and has been there for ages. The doc isn't worried. He's sending her for an endoscopy for stomach pain though, and a brain MRI for a small lesion the PET scan revealed on her brain. Dunno what that is yet, so we're a bit worried. She regained a good five pounds since her last appointment, though, so I'm -very- happy about that. All in all, the prognosis is lots, lots better than we originally thought.

School has started! My god, I'm already exhausted. Because we got a 2nd art teacher, we have smaller class sizes, mostly between 20 and 25. Yay! The price to pay for this, though, is that rather than have 12 weeks total with each group, I have only 9 weeks total. YAGH! I have to smoosh 12 weeks of curriculum into 9 weeks? Egads! Okay, not the end of the world. The most difficult part is 4th grade, with whom I used that last 3 weeks to teach recorders. Now I've got to figure a way to get that into this 9 weeks, order the recorders for them, and let them have a vocal concert on top of it. Uh-huh. So I'm going to just combine their recorder/vocal stuff, stretch it out to the last five weeks, and condense the material. It's not ideal, but ah-well. What is?

Whining about my new responsiblities. Woe is me! ;) )

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