Well, I've discovered a new diet! It's called 'throat feels like someone is sticking daggers in it, and I can barely drink water let alone eat." If I were more awake, I'd find a way to smoosh that into something comically bad Latin. Infer the comedy on your own, please. ;) Seriously, does anyone have even a temporary remedy for intensely sore throats? I cannot swallow without pain. I cannot -move- without pain. It hurts down to my collar bones and up to my ears, although I suspect that's just radiating from the throat. The worst area is where my tonsils would be, if I had them. Chloraseptic does nothing. Benzocaine cough drops do nothing. Hall's cough drops help a little, if only to prevent dry mouth. Small sips of ice water help for a few seconds.

Dean's got the same ickiness, poor love, but thankfully he can still eat. Anyhoo, I'm about to go try gargling with warm salt water. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm all ears. :)

ETA: Looking over the last few entries, I realize it looks like I've been sick a lot this winter. Nope. I've been sick non-stop since January. Why? Dunno. Annoyed? Yes. I'm going to the doctor yet again tomorrow, though.

So today, I share daisies with all of you rather than germs! I hope you are all well, happy, and healthy. *hugs*
Pneumonia. I has it still.


I work, I sleep. I sleep more. I sleep yet more. I work. Wash, rinse, repeat. Add a bit of coughing for spice.

On the otter hand, I made some iced tea with a tin of tea from Herrod's that [livejournal.com profile] quizcustodet brought me from England ages ago. Sadly, it got buried in the pantry stuff when we moved, but I have found it and -joy-. This is happy, bright tea. It's a great blend of Ceylon, Kenyan, and Darjeeling, and it brews up good and strong but not too tannic. Lovely stuff. :)

School story! One of our art teachers is from Brazil, and a very lovely lady indeed with olive complexion and dark bobbed hair. One of the kindergarteners asked her if she spoke Chinese. Er, no, says she. Korean, asks the kid? Japanese? The teacher is perplexed, then realized the kid thinks she's Asian. No, no, she says, I'm from Brazil, you know...Portuguese. Child replies: "You don't speak poor Chinese!"

I love my kids. :) (Some of whom are helping me learn Korean, ironically. Seriously nifty language!)


Feb. 3rd, 2008 07:55 pm
Heya folks. Nothing much new in the way of events here abouts. Unfortunately, I'm pretty well down and out sick. About three weeks ago I came down with the flu. Nope, not the flu that the flu shot covers, but some other strain. Whee. So I spent most of a week at home with that, using up the remaining time off I had. I started to feel a little better, but never really got well. This week, it rebounded with a vengance, and now according to the nice doctor man, I now have pneumonia. He gave me killer antibiotics, an inhaler, and prednisone, and said to call Monday morning if I didn't get better. Guess who I get to call tomorrow morning? I couldn't even hold a conversation with my mother this afternoon, since just talking wipes me out and makes me cough. Anyhoo, I'm pretty out of commission. I'm still working because I have to, but I'm keeping my distance from everyone as much as humanly possible. Anyhoo, I'm done whining, I promise! The puppy is precious, and I promise I -will= post pics at some point. :)



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